Monday, December 03, 2007

Another Night Of Texas Two Stepping

First, let me thank all y'all who took the time to express concern about my drifting toward being a real Texan. Oops.. did I really say "all y'all"? Not to worry, I'm sure it was a one time slip up!

Anyway, I did go back to the VFW on Saturday -- more dancin' but this time with a band. Them 'ole boys had dec'rated that there hall so purty! Lights everywhere and a big 'ol disco ball just a hangin' over the ceiling! So I'm fixin to dance the Texas Two Step all night, but dang if I ain't as bad off as a rubber-nosed woodpecker in a petrified forest -- I ain't got me no cowboy boots! But I didn't let that stop me -- I danced that two step all night in my sneakers! So you see there is nothing to be concerned about. I haven't changed at all.

I really don't have cowboy boots, I don't have a plaid shirt or cowgirl skirt, and I don't have a hat, but I did find a nice armadillo belt buckle that I wore on Saturday. And I learned a couple things about men's Texas fashion: the boots should fit tightly, there are different qualities of "straw" for hats, the degree to which the brim turns up is a personal choice and is accomplished through steaming and shaping the hat, and finally that the hat band is an accessory that personalizes the hat and is usually purchased separately.

I had a lot of fun line dancing and doing the two step -- and this time I was able to get through the moving-in-circles and twirls smoothly, looking more or less like I knew what I was doing. Maybe I should get a pair of boots! Yee haw!

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