Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pedernales Falls State Park

Location: Dripping Springs, TX

Click for Larger Image of Pedernales Falls and CookiePedernales Falls lies in the Texas Hill Country, a few miles north of Dripping Springs, and east of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Ranch. Originally this State park was a private ranch called the Circle Bar Ranch, but it became a public park in the early 1970s. The water level in the park is now very low, as you can see from the photographs to the right and below (the person in the picture to the left is my friend Cookie). When the water flow is normal, it is still only a shallow flow that just covers the rocks. But the river can, within minutes, turn into a raging torrent in less than five minutes when upstream water, usually from storms, causes a flash flood. Swimming in this area is prohibited, and warnings advise anyone in the area leave immediately -- without taking anything -- if the water begins to rise.

Some additional photos from the park are below -- trees on the hillside, a closer view of the falls, a female damselfly (Argia sp. I think) that was fluttering on the trail, and me, at a downstream ford called Trammel Crossing (taken by Cookie):

Click for Larger Image of Trees
Click for Larger Image of Falls
Click for Larger Image of Damselfly - Female Argia.sp
Click for Larger Image of ZoAnn at Trammel Crossing

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