Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Leaving Tucson

Tomorrow morning we leave Tucson, and will head east towards Texas. The Tucson area has so much to see and do that we reluctantly must leave some interesting things for another trip. Plus, the temperature in the last few days has reached, or almost reached, 100 degrees -- yes, it is a dry heat, but it has still been HOT.

In the last few days --

  • We met our friends Ruth and Tom who live here in Tucson for a fun evening -- a tram ride through the Sabino Canyon and a wonderful dinner at their house. Thanks, Ruth and Tom -- it was great seeing you!

  • We took a trip to the top of Mount Lemmon:

And along the way we saw hummingbirds and Saguaros in bloom:

  • And we have discovered how lovely the evenings are here -- sitting outside, watching the sun go down behind the desert cacti and then watching the stars come out. That's also when groups of quail run for cover (they seem reluctant to fly for some reason), the temperatures plummet from the extreme heat of the day to something cool and pleasant, and the coyotes begin to yip and howl. It's become our favorite part of the day.

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Richard said...

I enjoyed your visit to AZ as well -- through your wonderful photos.