Monday, January 11, 2010

A Family of Eagles

Location: Near Lake LBJ, Texas

They have lived here for years, I suppose. Long enough, anyway, that there is now a paved pull-off that was created especially for people who want to watch them without being squashed by 18-wheelers going 70 miles per hour.

They are a family of bald eagles, easily seen with the naked eye as they sit in their huge nest in a tree a little bit off the roadside. They were marginally photographable with the equipment I had with me; exciting to watch in binoculars; and simply amazing in a fellow watcher's spotting scope, where the bird's individual feathers could actually be seen.

When we got there there were two bald eagles, but Dad soon flew away to hunt along the Colorado River (a neighboring birder told us which was the male and which was the female). Mom stayed with the nest, and we could see at least two chicks as they stuck their heads over the edge. We had to leave before Dad came back -- maybe next time we'll get to see the chicks being fed. Yummy... sushi!