Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Military Intelligence

Location: Fort Huachuca, AZ

Along with our friends, Don and Sharon, we visited the museum at Fort Huachuca, a National Landmark. It is famed for being one of the duty stations of the Buffalo Soldiers, the black regiments formed during the Civil War, and for General Pershing's failed attempt to capture Pancho Villa in 1917.

We toured the museum, a interesting collection of 19th century to WWII military artifacts. Then we moved next door to see the Museum Annex:

Guess we go through the left door marked "Entrance," as the other door has a bench in front of it. Clear enough! But for all those who would miss the "Entrance" sign and decide that they needed to drag that bench away from the right-side doors to get in, they will soon realize that the Army thinkers are way ahead of them:

As long as they were painting letters on the door, why didn't they just paint "Please Use Other Door" with a left-facing arrow? And what would happen if someone DID move the bench? Would they need to call for an emergency paint job -- one that would say, "DOORS NOT BLOCKED"?

Guess this is just one of those Army Things!

One of the exhibits centered on the Buffalo Soldiers, a group that should have received much more historical attention than they have. A group well worth remembering. But here is how they worded this display (see upper right corner):

"Remembering Our Forgotten Heroes"? If they were really forgotten, how can we now remember them?

And finally, John practices his pointing skills in front of the Museum Annex:

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