Saturday, May 08, 2010

Picture of the Day

Well. I admit I have been neglecting you, my readers. But there has not been a lot to report -- John and I passed our lead guide training, and we are now giving tours at Kartchner Caverns. We are not allowed to post any photos of the inside, so the really cool stuff we get to see every day will have to remain un-blogged.

We have learned a lot about geology, cave hydrology, cave formation, myotis velifer (the bats that live in the summer at Kartchner), basin and range block faulting, caving, calcite, carbonic acid, and the propensity of people to see fish, spear heads, bear, teeth, squid, and even rubber chickens in cave formations. And one early-teenage boy told me he saw a particular part of the female anatomy in a welt shield formation. That comment was best left alone!

Because we are sitting in one place for a while enjoying our volunteer work, my blogging activity has, obviously, decreased. So for now, I'm going to publishing my "Picture of the Day." Never fear -- if something exciting happens in the cave or elsewhere, I'll interrupt the POD to bring you all the news.

So the POD for today -- in Tombstone, John discovered that a tightly pad-locked gate is always a good idea -- keeps the hooligans off the railroad track (what could possibly go wrong?):

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Love it! I wonder what government agency paid good money to put that gate and lock there, with no fence??