Saturday, July 02, 2011

Haines, AK RV Parks - Take Your Pick

Should your Alaska RV Adventure bring you to the quaint little fishing village of Haines (and it should), you will find only 2 big rig friendly parks from which to choose - the Haines Hitch-Up and Oceanside. Both are Good Sam, and both are within easy walking distance to downtown, but that's pretty much it for similarities. The Hitch-Up offers spacious spots with lots of grass and a picnic table at each site. At Oceanside you'll find a gravel "parking lot", no grass, lots of dust, and a very close proximity to your neighbors. Sounds like a no-brainer, eh?

But wait! There's more. The Hitch-Up is pricey, even for Alaska, at between $45 and $50 per night. There are some snow-peaked mountains off to the west for scenery.

Oceanside is less expensive, running about $35 per night with a free night if you stay 7. And the view is, as they say, "to die for". For once, a class A has the advantage over a 5er with a rear-facing picture window. The Lyn Canal, this section of the Inside Passage, also known as the Alaska Marine Highway, is right out your front window, and across the water is a knockout view of snow covered peaks rising right out of the water. Zoe has become a cruise ship spotter,
identifying them as they come out of the fjord from Skagway. Even the overcast days are awesome! We've spent most of our time in the rig sitting up front enjoying the view. And our park owner, Joyce, throws a potluck on Wednesday which, for $6/person, includes Dungeness crab pulled out of the ocean that day. You can even go down to the dock when the boat comes in and learn how to crack open and clean the crabs. The folks in the pic below are watching the bald eagles cruise over the harbor. The eagles soar high overhead. The f***ing bird in the photo is an Alaskan seagull, i.e., a raven. All the seagulls left Alaska years ago and are now eating locusts in Utah.

As the title says, take your pick. We think we made a great choice.

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