Thursday, August 11, 2011


We are currently boondocking (parked without water, electric, or sewer hookups) in a small Alaskan town called Ninilchik. If we look out our front window, this is what we see:
The water in front of us is the Cook Inlet, named for Captain Cook, and it extends from Anchorage to the Sea of Alaska. On the opposite side of the inlet sits a string of active volcanoes, of which we can easily see three, and sometimes four if the horizon is clear. This one is Iliamna, a peak that often spews smoke and sulphur. To its right is Mount Redoubt, which last erupted in 2009. Further on, is Mount Spurr. Finally, to the far left of Ilianma is Mount Augustine, an island volcano that we have only glimpsed once.

We took a trip to Homer the other day, where charter halibut fishermen come in to have their fish cleaned. Here is one such place, with a group of proud Buttwhackers and their fish:

Unfortunately, it took me way too long to figure out that the name of the company, "Buttwackers," referred to "haliBUTs." John is going out tomorrow for his share of halibut, but fortunately it is with a different charter company!

On the way back from Homer, we had to stop while an accident was cleared. A police officer came by each car to tell us what had happened and how long we should expect to be stopped. Thank you so much! It is much easier to take traffic backups if you know what to expect.

The white van was pulling the boat on a boat trailer. Something caused it to jackknife, and all three pieces wound up separated: the van and trailer ended up off the road to our right, and the boat off the road to our left. Apparently there was a point where the driver saw his boat pass him on the road!

We watched as the tow truck winched the boat on to the trailer after a few trial and errors. We understand no one was hurt.

In addition to halibut fishing, John is also planning to go clamming while we are on the water. For that, he needed a waterproof suit and shoes, so he got outfitted up and is ready to take on the clam population of Alaska.

His comment: "Clams fear me."

He is probably right.


Dale said...

So, the secret of clamming is to make yourself look like one and then you can sneak up on ‘em?

Anonymous said...

John...You look like 1 Big CaHoonah ready to explore 1 big Clam Bake. hahh great shot Z... i laughed hard once i saw the blog. Glad you traveled to Homer. Beautiful from a distance if you drove up the hillside and did an overlook. i hope you did that....
I know exactly where you are.. enjoy yourselves... birdladyd

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Glad you enjoyed Ninilchik, as we did. Where are the eagles? We had lots of them, but maybe it depends on what fish are available at the time. Hope John has a good time and maybe even successful in his 'BUT' and clamming pursuits. Love the waterproof outfit!