Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ohio Oddities

Location: On the road between Columbus, Ohio and Davis, West Virginia

Ohio Oddities:

  • In the local IGA, the Sunday football scores are announced on the public address system as the game is being played. The announcement is made by one of the clerks, who, supposedly, might follow up with "Cleanup on aisle 5!" There was no background music piped in, so I'm guessing actually tuning to the radio station covering the game was not an option.
  • Beer and wine can be sold in grocery stores in Ohio. You cannot buy wine on Sunday in the local IGA, but you can, oddly, buy beer. I discovered this while listening to the clerk announce the Ohio State football scores over the PA. I'm sure the beer/football thing was just a coincidence.
  • As you walk by the side of the road, you notice that there are a lot of grasshoppers here. They are so plentiful that they look like little fireworks bursts as they jump in every direction to get away from your foot. Most of them make it to safety.


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>Beer and wine can be sold in grocery stores in Ohio.

It's like that in some other states, for example, Florida.