Sunday, July 27, 2008

What I See When I Don't Have A Camera Handy

Location: On the way to Castle Rock, CO

I have left Yellowstone and South Dakota, and am enroute to see my friends Jerry and Mary in Castle Rock, CO. This is the first time since leaving Texas this spring that I have not caravaned with other solos or had a plan to immediately meet up with them -- it seems strange to be on my own again.

It's hard to take pictures from a moving RV when you are driving it, and sometimes there is just no place to stop. That, of course, is when I see photo-worthy images, but have to just pass them by. On today's trip, I missed being able to show you:

  • In this part of the country, high school and college teams sometimes put their school's letter on a hillside, creating it out of white rocks so it can be seen for miles. The rock art I saw today was a huge pair of scissors on a hill in the middle of nowhere.
  • A woman walking her horse in the rest area's pet walk. Yes, the horse was on a leash. No, I don't know if she picked up after it.
  • The official green sign that marks the boundary of the town of Lost Springs, WY, showing the town's population is 1. That seems like it would be an awful lot of pressure for that person -- if you wanted to move, wouldn't you feel obligated to find a replacement resident so the sign could stay up?
Who knows what I'll miss being able to show you tomorrow!

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