Friday, November 21, 2008

South Texas Critters

Location: Rio Grande Valley

Here are some critters I found around the park -- two spiders (what I think is a jumping spider, and a tiny green spider that I have not been able to identify at all), a snail, and a bee targeting a flower:

Click for Larger Image of Spider Click for Larger Image of SpiderClick for Larger Image of Snail
Click for Larger Image of Bee and Flower



Finally a snail picture on this blog!

O. B. Sirius said...

Just waiting for the right snail to come along! And I thought of you the entire time he was posing for his closeup (or... SHE was posing for HER closeup?). For those that don't know, Aydin writes a blog called Snails Tales, and knows more about the critters than anyone else I know.


Richard said...

I agree great snail shot. The snail is Helix aspersa which was introduced from Europe. This species is perhaps the most widely eaten of all European snails (that is why it has been introduced where Europeans have settled). I hope you did not let it get away.