Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon

Location: Rio Grande Valley, TX

Did you catch yesterday's triangle of Venus, Jupiter, and the crescent moon?

So why didn't I set up the camera and tripod to get a photo of it, too? Because I was relaxing in an outdoor hot tub, watching the trio sink to the west through the waving fronds of a palm tree (northerners, especially those shoveling snow today, should pretend I didn't just tell you that -- or at least ignore the fact that this was on DECEMBER 1st!).

If you were "down under," you got to see the heavens smiling back at you -- they formed a smiley face!

Another nice northern hemisphere view, from a day earlier (the closest we got to a smiley face), is here.

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Don Rosenberger said...

Hi ZoAnn,

Thanks for clearing up the Mystery. I noticed a nice formation the other evening and thought... "Jerry would know". But I neglected to make the appropriate inquiry.

Hope your recovery is complete.