Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trip to Prescott and Quartzsite

Location: Prescott, AZ and Quartzsite, AZ

My friend, Cookie, and I took an overnight trip from Yuma to Prescott this week. When I retired in April 2007, I thought --naively as it turns out -- that I was done with snow. Last year, in the winter of 2007-08, I made it though the traditional winter months with only a few frosts and a couple freezes to shiver through and thought I had done it -- but then I went to the Grand Canyon in May, and got to experience the canyon cloaked in the white stuff. This year, I couldn't even make it out of January -- we could see the snow falling on the horizon as we neared Prescott, and by the time we got there it was too late -- snow all over the place! Guess I'll need to try again next year.

To get to Prescott, we had to pass through Quartzsite, our recent RVer's playground. We realized that we had both failed to visit one of Q's renowned landmarks, the Reader's Oasis Books! So, to fortify us for what lay ahead, we stopped at Darlene's Bakery for a piece of excellent pie -- and then it was off to the bookstore. The temperature was cool, somewhere around 55 degrees, so we got to experience the bookstore (or at least the bookstore owner) in a way most people don't -- with the Naked Bookseller himself half clothed instead of mostly naked.

Yes, the owner normally is clad in only a black knit thong, but this day, because it was so chilly, he augmented his outfit with a sweatshirt, and moved his discussion with a customer outside "where it is warm."

Quartzsite is always one of those Special Places.


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