Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just When You Think Spring Is Here

Location: Grand Canyon, AZ

For perhaps the first time in my life, I made it through November, December, January, February, March, and April without seeing a single snowflake (except those fake ones that Floridians inexplicably use in holiday decorations). Think I'd be safe by now, wouldn't you? Here's what I found this morning when I stepped outside:
Click for Larger Image of Snow on My RV

After I grumbled a bit about the cold and cleaned the snow off the truck (using a plastic bowl), I headed out to the canyon to see what it looked liked covered in a soft, gentle, blanket of snow. And this is what I saw:

Click for Larger Image of Grand Canyon Fog

The closer I got to the Canyon, the foggier it got until I reached the rim where the visibility was somewhere around zero. But I waited it out, and eventually the sun began to break through the fog. The snow was limited to the the rim -- the altitude here is about 7000 feet, and snow did not fall at the lower elevations within the Canyon. As the storm cleared and the sun came out, the colors of the canyon began to emerge:

Click for Larger Image of The Sun Coming Out
Click for Larger Image of Fog and Trees
Click for Larger Image of Sunstreaked Grand Canyon

Except for some shady areas, the snow is now gone. The cold weather will continue through tonight, with a low of 26 expected. But May is set to return within the next few days, and I really hope this is the last snowfall I see for a while.

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