Monday, May 12, 2008

The Grand Canyon, Day Two

Location: The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The weather was still nice today, but the cold front started to creep in during the afternoon causing increasingly cloudy conditions. The canyon views were pretty early in the day, but the encroaching haze began to blur the horizon and fade the colors as the afternoon wore on. By early evening, the rain had begun.

Click for Larger Image of Grand Canyon Vista

Click for Larger Image of the Colorado River

At one location, I saw a woman who looked out of place for two reasons: one, she was in a bright red dress (shorts or jeans are the dress of choice here in Vacationland), and two, she was holding a violin. She purposefully strode to the edge and began to play, as if to serenade the canyon. It was such a surprise to see her, and a such a lovely moment. The onlookers behind her were not her only "audience," though -- scroll down for "the rest of the story."

Click for Larger Image of Woman Playing Violin
Click for Larger Image of The Rest of the Story


sundog06 said...

OK, Z, I'm printing the last photo out and hanging it on my wall. I shouldn't need your permission since I was there with you. What a memory!


Anonymous said...

Lol what i funny pic i lov it