Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Snow in Bryce

Location: Bryce Canyon, UT

Last week, in Zion, the high temperature was 105 degrees. In Bryce, on Memorial Day, the low was 25 degrees. What a change!

Click for larger image of Bryce in the snowAs we had planned months ago, I met Ken and Pam (see blog entries here and here) in Bryce, and my friend John is also here. The four of us hiked a loop trail in Bryce Canyon on Sunday, and then on Monday, Memorial Day, we hiked from the rim down to a small town named Tropic. Ken had lived there for a short time when he was a boy, and this was a hike he remembered fondly from his childhood. We began the hike in the morning, and within minutes a light snow started falling. How ironic -- we were hiking to a place named Tropic in the snow!

Click for Larger Image of Thor's Hammer in Bryce CanyonThe first indication that we were about to have a winter wonderland experience was when we saw the farthest hills and hoodoos softly fade into a misty white. Then the flakes began falling all around us as we navigated the switchbacks and trails going down from the rim. As we descended, the temperatures rose somewhat, and by the time we reached the bottom the snow had stopped, the sun was shining, and the temperature was pleasant. The rest of the hike was on flat terrain, through forests and shrubs, with the occasional sightings of chipmunks, lizards, and spring wildflowers.

We had dinner at Bryce Lodge, and then walked out to the rim for a last view of the canyon. (Tuesday we will all be traveling to Moab, UT). We asked a passerby to take out photo in front of the Canyon. From left to right, John, ZoAnn, Ken and Pam:Click for larger image of John, ZoAnn, Ken and Pam

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