Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fishing In The Sea of Cortez

Location: Loreto, BCS

On our second and last day in Loreto, three intrepid fishermen in our group got up at the rooster's first crow (not really, the idiot rooster in this neighborhood crows all night long and everyone hopes one of the many stray dogs will have a midnight snack of rooster nuggets), pulled on their luckiest fishing togs, and walked to the beach to board a half-day chartered fishing boat. As dawn broke, they stumbled into the boat, waved goodbye, and set sail on the Sea of Cortez:

When they returned several hours later, they were tired and cramped, but they had caught 7 huge yellowtails (two caught two each, and one caught three)! Here is Paul with one of his.

The fish were cleaned and filleted for them:

And then they put on a fish fry for us all! And it was delicious!


They only cooked two of the fish, and there was so much that we all had our fill and took some back to our rigs for later. I think one fish would have easily fed all 18 of us. Thanks Paul, Dave, and Ben, our Outstanding Fishermen!

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