Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Strange Rig

Location: La Quinta, CA

I had hoped by now to have some additional Mexico stories and photos to share, but the Computer Gods had other ideas. I somehow picked up an annoying virus or malware that kept kicking up one Internet Explorer ad window after another -- and I only use Firefox so I know they weren't pop-ups or pop-unders from the site I was viewing at the time. After several attempts to kill it, using several anti-virus programs, I finally gave up and restored my PC to its pristine state (thanks to Ken for showing me the Easy Way to do this instead of the ZoAnn Way!)

Of course, I then had to reinstall all my software, apply updates and patches to most of them, then curse here and there because I forgot to back up something that would have made all this a little bit easier (such as all my browser's bookmarks!). But I am now up and running again with no loss of significant data. Whew!

Until I can get back to looking at the Mexico images, here is a photo of an interesting and strange rig we saw in Riverside. It's a converted fifth wheel with 5 doors on one side, and 6 on the other. Two of the doors lead to bathrooms, but the rest are individual sleeping quarters -- each of nine travelers have a their "own room" that runs the width of the RV. They said they all fit in the pickup for travel -- I sure wouldn't want to be packed into a pickup with that many other people for anything but a really short trip!

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