Saturday, May 02, 2009

Geese, Again

Location: Livingston, TX

It's raining now, punctuated with raging thunderstorms and a little bit of hail. The NOAA radio keeps going off with watches and warnings, but so far the worst weather -- tornadoes and flash floods -- have missed this part of Polk County. So here's a post about a trip to the park a couple days ago:

The park is Pedigo Park -- a local baseball diamond and flea market site that also has a lake where ducks and geese patiently paddle until the vision of a foot-toting human causes them to waddle ashore. This trip to the park was a lot better than the one I made in December 2007 when I was accosted by an attack goose (fyi, my scar has now healed).

This time the geese were much better behaved, and, while they did come ashore to check for the possibility of a handout, they did not act aggressively towards us. Here's a few photos of the geese -- be sure to check out the decorative topnotch on the white goose! What a handsome guy!

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Diana said...

I hope those pictures were taken with a loooong lens!