Thursday, May 07, 2009

Two Words You Don't Want To Hear

"Motherboard Failure"

It started this morning when, instead of booting to my nice, messy desktop, I got a blue screen full of text and long strings of numbers that essentially told me something was horribly, horribly wrong -- but I could try to boot into Safe Mode if I felt lucky.

My true feelings of "luckiness" aside, I tried to boot into Safe Mode with no success. Now even the blue screen was but a memory -- all I could get was a black screen, a solid num-lock light, and blinking caps and scroll lock lights. Being the Uber-Techie that I am, I instantly knew this was Not A Good Thing.

Long story short, I got a hold of a techie at Dell after literally screaming at the automated b*tch who cheerfully told me she couldn't understand me when I responded to her yes/no question by saying, "yes". The technician diagnosed a motherboard failure, told me I was still under warranty and that another technician would come to my home, probably on Monday, to replace the board. I made him repeat it, because it seemed too good to be true!

So I'm on borrowed computers for a while, which makes blogging a bit unpredictable until this all gets fixed. My next entry will probably be the middle of next week when I'll tell you what a marvelous, easy, and uplifting experience it has been dealing with my "Motherboard Failure."

What? Do I hear snickering out there? Quit that -- it could happen!

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