Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lambeau Field

Location: Green Bay, WI

We met our friends Bob and Jan in Green Bay, where they live, and after a quick auto tour of the area they took us to see Lambeau Field, the newly refurbished Green Bay Packer's stadium. The stadium's atrium area is open to visitors, although access to the field itself is not.

On the outside of the stadium, huge statues of Vince Lombardi (head coach of the Packers from 1959-1967) and Curley Lambeau (founder, player, and first coach of the Packers) greet visitors:


Inside, the huge atrium is flanked by the stadium itself on one side, and restaurants and sports games on the other. As we were entering the elevator, I noticed a huge "50" inlaid in the floor. It turns out this is the 50 yard line, extended from the playing field through the atrium. All the yard lines are represented this way, and a huge "Green Bay" is inlaid at the extended goal line:

We had a beer at Curley's Pub overlooking the atrium. As I got to the bottom of the glass, I noticed ... something... starting to form from the indentation in the bottom of the glass. Turned out it was a football! Very cool (and, yes, they are for sale, but heavy, real-glass drinking utensils are not the best choice for RVs!):


Thanks for a fun time, Bob and Jan! We'll catch up the next time we're in Green Bay.

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Wandrin said...

Way to go. Visiting the area of my formative years.

I keep checking, but the Green Bay tourist bureau has not posted a sign commemorating the fact that I once resided in the area. (Nothing like self delusion!)