Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Coincidence? I think SO...

Location: A few days ago in Sayner, WI

Long story short, our plans to get to Michigan were postponed when we had to make a side trip to Nebraska to get the hitch fixed. Because we wound up changing plans, we found ourselves traveling through northern Wisconsin instead of going through the western-most part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. John realized that we would be very close to the summer residence of an old Muscatine High School (Iowa) buddy of his who he hasn't seen in years and years. So he called him, found out he and his wife would be home the night we'd be passing through, and arranged to park the RV in his driveway while their reunion took place.

We got parked, had dinner, and then Terry and his wife, Rebecca, showed us the remarkable restoration and refurbishing job they have done on their old lake-front house. As we were chatting and getting ready to retire to the RV, we were discussing our various RV trips and mentioned we had recently been tailgunners on a Tracks to Adventure trip to the Baja Peninsula. Becky said two of their friends from their winter retreat in Tucson, Tom and Ruth, just went on a trip to Baja. As coincidence would have it, Tom and Ruth were on our caravan.

So here we have an unexpected meeting of two high-school friends who happen to discover that they have mutual friends in Tucson, AZ. Tom and Ruth are the only people John and I know in Tucson, and to make it even odder, Tom and Ruth are almost the only people Terry and Becky know in Tucson.

Coincidence? Yes, but an odd one. I have to wonder how many connections like this we miss because we just don't say the magic words that will unlock those connections. Maybe 6 degrees of separation isn't so far fetched after all.

Tom and Ruth, if you are reading this, EVERYONE says, "Hi!"


Terry said...
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Terry said...

ZoAnn and John,
It was great to see you and we are now following your RV adventures online!
Rebecca and Terry