Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hi, y'all. I've had the responsibility of proofing Zoe's blogs now for about a year, and she's finally decided she can open the closet door and let me see a little sunshine. I'm going to use this opportunity to visit with you about one of my favorite subjects - pigs. Having grown up on a "hog farm", I kinda grew fond of pigs.

Now, you all know about the Three Little Pigs, Porky Pig, the little piggies who did various things to your toes, and, of course, Piglet from Poo Corner, but I want to discuss the Real Deal and the various ways to enjoy the little fella.

Hogs (piglets past puberty) have a relatively short lifespan before they are processed into the bottom of the food chain. To be technically correct, the little boy pigs make an early contribution in the form of Rocky Mountain Oysters, but that's for a whole other blog. Let's get down to the good stuff about the world's favorite meat source. You not only have your ham, your baby backs, your bacon (Hear that sizzle!), your chops, but you have your specialty items such as sausage, Spam, pig's feet, ears, skin, and, in some areas, the entire head. I'm not even going to go into all the areas of our lives pig parts show up in, but my favorites in my younger days were my "breathin' pigskin" Hushpuppies. Everything but the oink, they used to say, but no longer. Even the oink!

Right next door to our beautiful RV park in Birch Run, MI, sits a little retro diner called the "Oink Joint". We noticed it on the way into the park. Looked like fun, something to check out. Then we find out that it recently was one of the sets for an upcoming movie with Drew Barrymore called Whip It. OMG. It's like being at Mel's Diner for the making of American Graffiti!!! OMG! Like, we're somewhere famous! Like, OMG!!!

I think you get my point, but we had to check it out. Could it possibly be as good as Joensy's (see a previous Iowa blog on this channel)? Sadly, it wasn't, but only because the "Oink Joint" did not offer a "Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich". Zoe and I both had a BBQ pork sandwich, which we immediately agreed was plenty for the four of us. It was absolutely excellent! It had that wonderful smoked flavor, and it had not been drowned in some cheap BBQ sauce that finds a way to run down your arm and onto your shirt! And on the dinner menu was a full slab of ribs for under $12. Give it a try when you're in the area. Also hit Joensy's in Solon, Iowa for the biggest and best tenderloin in the state. I gave the Oink Joint manager such a big pitch on Joensy's and "tenderloin sandwiches" that maybe they'll have them on the menu when you show up.

And, please, no comments about shutting and locking the closet door!

I love this lifestyle,


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