Wednesday, September 30, 2009

West Point

Location: Near Parkton, Maryland

We've made it as far as northern Maryland. I've been working hard cleaning out my storage unit -- most of it is now sorted into "keep," "donate," or "toss." It will be nice to have the storage unit gone, but disposing of some of the things I no longer need has proven to be an emotional endeavor! But if I've learned one thing as a full-time RVer, it's that keeping useless things is a useless pursuit. So I'm looking at each useless thing I find, contemplating it and touching it, and then saying good-bye and moving on.

On the way here, we stopped by West Point, the Army's military academy that sits on a beautiful campus overlooking the Hudson River in New York. West Point was founded in 1802, and has been graduating officers ever since -- the first graduates to go into battle were in the Mexican-American War.

When the Civil War broke out, the commanders on both sides were pulled primarily from the West Point officers. Although sometimes two siblings would take up arms against each other, one in the Union and one in the Confederacy, the phrase "brother against brother" actually refers to these officers who found they were fighting their former classmates, their friends, and the men who had just recently been their "brothers-in-arms" on the Mexican-American War's battlefield.

Here are some pictures from West Point:

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