Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Location: Forest City, IA

This is a time of forced relaxation for us. The rig is getting some work done at Winnebago Industries, so we are parked in a courtesy site at night for what will be at least 10 days. A time for catching up on reading, cleaning, and internet-surfing.

It's hard to relax here in Iowa, because winter is chasing and rapidly catching up with us -- a huge snowstorm that hit Colorado just missed us, and the night temperatures are only a few degrees above freezing. I'm trying to make this my first winter without seeing a snow flake, and I'd hate to loose the chance this early in the winter ! 2007-08 was ruined by snows in May at the Grand Canyon, and 2008-09 fell when I took a winter trip from Yuma to Prescott with my friend, Cookie, and we hit a blizzard at the higher elevation.

Once we leave here, it will be an almost straight trip south to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Not only is the weather a good reason to hit the road, but a lot of northern campgrounds are closing on November 1st. So another few nights, and we'll be on our way south.

Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

{}_{} Like my bunny costumn~
(")-("} Happy Halloweenie to you Both.. Sitting Tight tonight.... is not a Fright,but eating candy is Oh! so handy... hope time passes quick to travel S to warmer climate Now thats a Grand! thought. hey? Folks in Mass.fluttering by.