Monday, November 02, 2009


It's been a tough week and a half, but then it was "my bad" that put us here. After all, I beat up my house for no apparent reason other than it had been a little while since I had done something really stupid, and I wanted to get that ol' feelin' back!

We're retired, and
retirement, once you get the hang of it, means living a "spontaneous" life. You know. No alarm clocks, no meetings, no rush hour traffic, no Mondays, no Fridays, no weekends or holidays. Just fall out of bed when you're rested and go create some new photographs and memories. Sieze the carp. Be surprised.

So today is November 2, and we have been in beautiful Forest City, Iowa for 8 days with 3 to go. Now I love Iowa. After all, I was born and raised in Iowa. But my house has wheels! "I'm goin' where the sun keeps shinin' through the pourin' rain, goin' where the weather suits my clothes." Not only am I in northern Iowa, nearly into Minnesota, watching the weather forecasts for the "s" word, but I'm back on the old 7-3:30, 5 days a week schedule. Seems Ol' John got a little careless earlier this year and tried to turn his home into a bulldozer, moving boulders and repositioning street signs. Seems Ol' John modified the rear end of his home to the tune of over $20,000.

Seems Ol' John gets to enjoy the sche
dule of those who have not yet lived to a ripe old retirement age.

Forest City, Iowa is the home of Winnebago Industries. T
hey are the parents of my Itasca Suncruiser. When I had my little run-in with the terrain in Maine, I knew I was Forest City bound. They were the only folks I would trust with a repair job this big.

There are 2 ways
to get service at Winnebago. If you have time, you make an appointment at least 2 months ahead. This is best because they can sort of get ready for you, AND your extended warranty will apply where appropriate. But if you have an emergency, you show up and take your chances as a "walk-in". Most folks, scheduled or not, tend to show up in the Customer Service parking lot on Sunday. This sets up a phenomenon I call the "Monday Morning Mob", dozens of RVers hovering outside the Customer Service doors waiting to rush in when the locks get twisted at 7:00 sharp. From that morning until they bring your home out and pronounce it cured, you ARE on their schedule.

I can't say enough about the great attitude and competence of the employees here, but I wonder if they don't all have Sunday ulcers thinking about the "Monday Morning Mob".

Thanks, guys and gals, but I'm looking forward to going back into retirement in a few days.



ladynomad said...

Been there, done that at Winnebago. Actually I liked the town. But what did you do to your rig?

Winnebago RV said...

I bet that they do get scared and dread Monday morning. I sure would. It's starting your week with every one else's problems. I enjoy reading your blog, you are a very talented writer.