Thursday, November 26, 2009

Keets X Four

This is Ivy and Candy, the two parakeets we've had for a long time:

We bought them a new cage:

And realized that there is lots of room for a couple more!

So this is Baja (the yellow one) and Newfie (the blue one), named for the furthest reaches of our trips this year, Baja California, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Pecking orders have been determined and are strictly enforced, except when Baja and Newfie -- at the bottom of the list -- rebel and push their way to the feeder. Ivy often gets upset with the newbies and perches above them, glaring down just like a vulture patiently waiting for some chubby little cottontail to finally kick the Bunny Bucket. She tries to intimidate and push them around -- sometimes it works, but sometimes they just push right back. Baja is better at standing up to her, but sometimes the feathers literally fly as they flap and peck at each other.

As our four "girls" adjust to their new family situation, their squabbles just give us a bit of avian intrigue and scheming to watch!

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ladynomad said...

Didn't you just have Ivy 2 years ago when you watched Fancy for me? They look like fun!