Saturday, December 05, 2009

RGV Weather

Location: Rio Grande Valley, TX

Two nights ago the weather was warm, people ran around in shorts, and the sleeping was comfortable with just a sheet for covering. We had a beautiful sunset that nicely silhouetted the palm trees, but it seemed to usher in a nasty cold front.

The front brought cold, horizontal rain during the day yesterday, and last night the temperatures hovered right around freezing. There was even a possibility of snow!

We didn't get any of the fluffy white stuff, but if we had it would have been a really big deal. It has only snowed here once in memory, and that was on December 25, 2005. The local kids were all hoping! But we woke this morning to green grass and a bright sun. Temps will stay relatively cool today (high 50s) and then start back up to the more normal 70's and 80's.

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