Sunday, December 27, 2009

Park Model Tango

Location: Alamo, TX

A few days ago we got to watch a park model delivery. Park models are somewhere between RVs and mobile homes -- they don't have holding tanks or dual-fuel source appliances like an RV does so they have to be placed on a somewhat permanent site. They are smaller than mobile homes and are meant to be vacation residences so in some places taxes, permits and fees may be lower or non-existent.

Here is the setup: the park model is on a wheeled frame with a ball hitch. The truck pulling the home must come up Hibiscus and make a left on Gardenia, then back the park model into the corner site (circled in red). We are directly across the street in the blue-circled site, facing towards the lot. We have a front row seat!

We didn't know it was coming, but all of a sudden there was a park model in front of our rig, waiting to be backed into the site (on its left rear) by a huge yellow truck. John asked the driver if we should move our toad (the gray car), but he said no.

The driver started the turn.

It became immediately obvious that moving the car would have been the best for all concerned, but now we were blocked in. As the driver inched backwards, workers put boards under the tires to protect the grass.

It also became obvious that the truck could not make the turn. We moved the car up, towards the rig, until there was about 1 inch in between them. The truck kept inching on. Workers hovered over the car, ready to tell the driver to stop the turn. He made it -- the truck missed the car's bumper by the narrowest of margins.

Now that it was past the car's bumper, the truck needed to straighten out, because the rear of the park model was way too far to the right and was about to take out the car port of the next-door neighbor.

The driver pulled forward, hugging the car.

Then he began the straightening turn...

And got the park model into its site.

And here it is, perfectly placed on its concrete pad. Workers came by later and removed the tires, connected the utilities and installed a skirting around the outside.

Want a job driving a park model delivery truck?

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