Sunday, November 08, 2009

Would YOU Have Signed This?

Location: Waco North KOA, West, Texas

After a long day on the road, we pulled into the Waco North KOA (Kampgrounds Of America) in West, Texas. The check-in procedure was standard, and we gave them a credit card for the night's payment.

When the clerk handed us the signature slip, she showed us two lines where a signature was needed. The first was the regular signature authorizing the night's charge. She vaguely said that the second was our agreement that we'd pay for anything that we damaged.

But here is the full text of that second statement:

"I understand that I am responsible for damages to property and/or facilities at Waco North KOA caused by me or members of my party, and I authorize Waco North KOA to charge my credit card for the cost to repair or replace the damaged property or facility. I further agree that I will not dispute charges to my credit card made by Waco North KOA, and I will not initiate a chargeback for any reason whatsoever."

... EXCUSE ME??? They wanted us to sign a statement that authorized them to charge ANY amount for ANY perceived damage, and we would not dispute it? While I doubt this type of statement is even legal, I flatly said we would NOT sign it, and was ready to walk out.

They backed down and did not require the statement to be signed.

My guess is this is a local attempt to put that seminar on Management Through Intimidation and Quasi-Legal Procedures to good use, but if it is a new KOA policy they have seen the last of my money.



I wouldn't have signed it either.

Diana said...

Really crazy....

ladynomad said...

I have found KOAs to be some of the highest rates for RV parks anyway. I avoid them.

Anonymous said...

I think not!! Seems the Owners are trying or maybe testing to see if there skills in becoming lawyers may pass the TEST here...Stupid policy.. Stupid CampHosts!!! I'd MOVE ON!! :>)