Monday, April 05, 2010

An RVers Home Is His/Her/My/Your Castle

Location: Kartchner Caverns public campground

It IS an RV. It doesn't have slides, but it does have raisable turrets -- and three draw bridges and a water wheel. The two bedrooms in the turrets are carpeted with sheepskin, have comfy beds, and cannon ports. Cannon ports? And I haven't even mentioned the on-board blacksmith shop with two post vices, gas forges, and a 380 pound anvil!

This rig was parked in the Kartchner Caverns campground, and was an instant attention-getter. They have a sign on the back giving passer-bys the FAQs, and a link to their website: Gypsy Time Travelers, where they provide information about the shows they do on the road:

"Fabulous Storytelling with Live Anvil Accompaniment
We Make History Ring In Your Ears!"

Their website also has a section on the "Building Our Time Machine." Very cool, check it out.

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Barbara and Ron said...

I saw their show in Quartzsite a couple years ago. It was really cute. They called it edutainment.