Friday, April 23, 2010

The “S” Word Hits Southern Arizona!

We are now in the latter part of April. We are in Southern Arizona. And we wake up to …. my fingers don’t even want to type the word… SNOW.

cactus Air temperature was 34 degrees.  Snow was falling on desert sand and cactus, coating everything in white. Little hummingbirds landed on the feeder instead of hovering, conserving as much energy as they could. Our steps were covered with slush, and the car had to be warmed up. How can this be?


On the plus side, John and I finished our Lead Guide training today, so we are almost graduated! We still need to be mentored for at least three tours, more if we choose.  We can choose how much we do on our own: a part of the tour, the entire tour, or we can just follow along and absorb a bit more.  John’s first tour is tomorrow, and mine is Sunday.


We may get a bit more rain tonight, but then the nasty weather should be gone, with temps moving into the 70s and 80s.  Of course, it’s always in the 70’s in the cave – with a 99% humidity.  Gives everyone a free facial and new hairdo!

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Beautiful photos! We're just below the snow level down the road a few miles from you, but it was darn cold here! Hope it's nicer today and tomorrow for the Bluegrass Festival. Have fun on your 'maiden voyage' tours as guides!