Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help! My guts are falling out!!

So I have this little bulge above my belly button. I ignore it. It gets bigger. Go to doc. Doc says hernia. Go to surgeon. Lift shirt. Hernia. Show up week from Friday in Tucson. Get fixed. Be in pain for 7-10 days. Be better. Gonna use this for all it's worth. Gonna moan and groan and ask for ice cream and comfort food and lots of booze! Don't like pain medicine. Booze is better! Almost looking forward to this!!!



Sharon Del Rosario said...

Oh, No! Hope you don't suffer too much and get lots of pampering and sympathy.

Dale said...

I have the exact same thing, except below belly button! Surgery is not until 9/24 because I need to stay on top of summer yard work. Anyway, I hear the survival rate is good. Will be interested to hear how it goes. Good luck.

Nancy said...

you will do anything to get someone to pamper you. You shameless hussy!