Thursday, July 01, 2010

How Did He Ever Make It Out of Junior High?

Location: Tubac, NM

The Tubac Presidio was a Spanish military garrison established in 1752 that housed both soldiers and their families. While the town of Tubac is now an artsy-fartsy colony with cute knicknack shops and cafes with entrances guarded by metallic gauchos, the garrison is a state park where recreated buildings and original excavations can be seen.

As we wandered through the old garrison, we found the recreated one-room school house, complete with a pot-bellied stove, student ink well desks, a piano on the stage, and a fake teacher and student:

John, feeling a sense of connection to his one-room school house roots, immediately took on the role of the attentive student, ever ready to be a good example for the other student and absorb whatever knowledge the teacher was willing to impart:

But "Bad John" was still lurking just under the surface. Don't let that innocent Iowa farm boy exterior fool you! John, John, John. How DID you ever make it out of Junior High?


Sharon Del Rosario said...

John, You Clown, er Dunce! Great blog post. Does this mean you two are on the road again?

tduffin said...

Tubac is in AZ, not NM! Enjoyed your blog and pics!