Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quartzsite Businesses

See yesterday's entry for the first post about Quartzsite, AZ:

Here is a small sampling of the business world of Quartzsite in January:

What's the business here?

Ice Cream and Coffee from a hippie bus!

Lunch: Exotic Meats and Bugs

A Blacksmith Shop from a Skoolie

And last on today's photo tour (but definitional not least) is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in Quartzsite, Paul Winer, the proprietor of Q's used book store called "Readers Oasis Books." He is also known (for some reason that will soon become apparent) as The Naked Bookseller. No, there is nothing in back except a string, hidden where all good thong strings go. Yes, that is all he wears unless it is cold, when he'll add a shirt. Yes, you can see through the thong -- it is crocheted with lots of open spaces. No, John didn't think through the consequences of letting a blogger take this photo!

I think Paul's hat is a nice concession to the dangers of repeated exposure to solar radiation, don't you?


Nancy said...


Sharon Del Rosario said...

Let's see, how many kinds of chicken are there? Those with a head vs. those without?

John, You're a very brave model and I can tell you love Zoe very much to allow her to take that picture!

The Good Luck Duck said...

1st thought: Paul doesn't have much body fat.
2nd thought: Paul doesn't have much laundry.

Kudos to him for both.