Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wine, Women, But No Song

Location: Pahrump, NV

First the wine:

Our RV park is also a winery. Or, perhaps, the winery has an RV park? At any rate, the two are literally joined together -- the Charleston Peak RV park offices to the left, and the Pahrump Valley Winery to the right.

Both are nestled under a fantastic view of Charleston Peak:

When we got in yesterday, we were hungry and tired (a hard morning's travel of a whole 200 miles!), so we trotted off to the winery's restaurant (a 5-star) for a snack, and, of course, a glass of wine. The tasting room is free, so we spent a bit of time after lunch sampling the reds (today was the whites turn -- tomorrow rose's?). It is really nice to be able to just walk to your home after wine tasting!

And now the women:

Today we toured a brothel. And, before you even get the words put together in your dirty little mind, no, there were no free samples!

The Resort at Sheri's Ranch is one of Nevada's legal brothels, and they offer tours (unfortunately, no photos). There are two entrances -- the Sports Bar, where much of the "selection" takes place, and what we were told was the more discrete parlor entrance -- although I don't see how putting a sign over a door that says "Girls, Girls, Girls" would indicate any type of discretion!

The bar, an almost family-friendly place, turned out to be a very good restaurant, populated by both customers and "tourists" like us. Working girls wandered through the bar, chatted with customers, or talked amongst themselves. They were dressed in all sorts of attire, from low-cut leopard print dresses, to see-through thigh length black tunics, to corsets and G-strings. Most sported silver or see-through stilettos.

While we waited for dinner, we were approached by Brandy, who offered to give us a tour when we finished eating (another girl approached us later to ask if we were interested in a "Couple's Party," but we politely declined). She first led us into the parlor (where the "Girls, Girls, Girls" door enters), and it was pretty much what you image a parlor to be -- brocade upholstered divans, artsy-fartsy white alabaster statues, and a grand piano.

At the back of the parlor was a "menu" of services that were available. Brandy explained that each girl negotiated a price for services, and then half of that went to the house. She showed us some of the special rooms that are available -- secluded dining, bubble baths, a sports-themed jacuzzzi, and a dungeon (black leather furniture, cuffs and chains, and, oddly, two poles for dancing). Each girl also has her own room for entertaining.

As employees, the girls usually work for a week or two, and then leave for a few weeks so the roster is always changing. The maximum number that can be working at a given time is about 25. If someone shows up for work and all the spots are filled, they can sleep in a bunk room until a spot opens up.

Inside photos are not allowed because many of the girls are not "out" -- their friends and family don't know what their "other" job is and they don't want their photos on the internet. Also, some clients may also want to stay anonymous.

Everything was very clean, and Brandy explained that they take disease prevention very seriously. Sexual activity is only allowed in one jacuzzi, and that is sterilized after each encounter. Condoms are mandatory, no exceptions. And each girl visits a doctor for a checkup once a week.

It was a very interesting experience. As we were ending our tour, we saw another one on the way in -- a bunch of bikers, clad in leather and studs, peering cautiously into each room as they followed their tour guide, who was dressed in stiletto heels, leg warmers, and a lime green ruffled bikini with a bright pink bow "down there."


Nancy said...

Just think, with the way things are going, this may be a historical moment that you have recorded. In a few years these places may go the same route as "The Best Little ---- in Texas"!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zo! I missed reading your entries. Am happy you are writing again -- you know I live vicariously through you :-)