Monday, April 30, 2007

Closing in On the Wizard

Day Two, and another odd animal siting! I think this was a coyote trotting across I-70. It was not a dog, and was not a wolf. What will tomorrow bring, an elephant?

I made a side trip to visit one of the "41 Covered Bridges at Exit 41" in Indiana. 40 were north of I-70 and one was south. The southern one won because it was accompanied by Cataract Falls (see photo). I never did make it to any of the others, but this might be a place to come back to.

My truck is getting 20 MPG highway, and I'm very pleased. Plus, diesel is quite a bit cheaper than gas here. At one stop, diesel was $2.65 and unleaded 87 was $2.98. Quite a difference!

Current location: Outside Kansas City. Tomorrow I arrive at New Horizons!

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