Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Living at The Oaks RV Park

Location: Bushnell, Florida

A bluegrass session may spontaneously break out (note the charming lady bass player who wore her beads to the hoe down):

Click for Larger Image of Musicians
The pool is open in January and discovered I can still tread water (the regular way OR using only my arms OR using only my legs -- take THAT, Esther Williams!), float on my back while watching white puffy clouds sail by, do the sidestroke, or just veg out:

Click for Larger Image of Pool
The park's name is "The Oaks" and the name refers to all the Live Oaks here. They are lovely with Spanish Moss on them (and how quintessentially Florida!):

Click for Larger Image of Oak and Spanish Moss
HOWEVER -- these lovely oaks also have lots and lots of acorns, and those acorns, sometimes with the help of wind and sometimes with the help of squirrels, come tumbling down. Remember the old story about thunder being Thor bowling? Well, the acorns falling on my aluminum roof sounds like Thor is playing a fast game of marbles -- I can hear each one hit, and sometimes they also bounce and roll. But, hey, I'm an aThorist, so I'm really going to blame gravity! One of the "old timers" here said this is a particularly plentiful year for acorns. Lucky me. Click for Larger Image of Acorns

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Forget the acorns, pick up some snail shells for me; I am nuts about them.