Thursday, January 24, 2008


These little lizards hang out in the saw palmettos that cluster under the live oaks in the park. They are usually skittish, but sometimes they don't see the camera as a threat if you move towards them slowly and smoothly and don't let your shadow hit them.
Click for larger image of green lizard
Click for Larger Image of Brown Lizard
Tomorrow I'm going into Tampa to attend a Photoshop for Photographers Seminar. Sadly, I'll need to set the alarm and battle rush hour traffic. I'm not looking forward to either, but I think it will all come back to me!

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Don Rosenberger said...

Hi Zoann,

Photoshop class tomorrow. Gee, I'll be thinking about you when I'm at work. Seriously, have fun and hope you lean some new tricks.

Also I like the new handwritten (C) on your images.

All the best,