Friday, January 25, 2008

A needed kick...

Sometimes I just need a kick in the you-know-where to get me moving, creativity-wise. I got that kick today at the Photoshop Seminar. The seminar was Photoshop CS3 for Photographers, taught by Photoshop guru Ben Willmore. I feel all inspired now!

For someone used to driving in rush hour traffic on the Baltimore beltway, the drive to Tampa this morning was not bad. I, however, am no longer that person, so I found it to be annoying and irritating -- especially when we all were clicking along at 70 mph, and then came to a stop for no apparent reason, only to again resume flying at a breakneck pace a short minute later (this series was repeated more than sanity would accomodate). I just kept reminding myself that I only had to do this drive once, and most of these other poor folks do it every day.

I got downtown after only getting lost once. Yes, I had the GPS on, but two highways run close together as you enter Tampa, and the GPS B*tch thought (and I use that term with a degree of charity) that I was on one moving-like-molasses highway when I was actually on a totally different, but parallel moving-like-molasses highway. When I realized my mistake, I could SEE the correct exit, but the huge cement railings did their job and kept me in my lane -- meaning I had to fight the traffic for another mile before I could turn around, most of it stuck behind a proud Southerner, his huge Confederate flag defiantly twisting and flapping from the pick-up's bed and pretty much blocking any hope he'd have of actually using his rear-view mirror as anything other than a fuzzy dice hanger. Finally, I got to the Convention Center, got parked, registered, and had a fine rest of the day at the seminar.

In addition to the great Photoshop things I found out, I learned:

  • Adobe was named for a creek
  • B & H photo was named for "Bertha & Herman"
  • Ben Willmore is also a full time RVer!


Anonymous said...

CS3... Every so often I look at an upgrade from CS2. However, as time goes on it seems that the CS4 will soon be announced.

What was your take on CS3 versus past releases and was anything said about a CS4.

Your freeway drive experience to the seminar.... I get that feeling every time I head out on the San Diego freeways -- no matter what time of day. I try to arrange my exploring around rush hour.

O. B. Sirius said...

Hi, Lloyd--
There was nothing said at all about CS4, sorry. I really like CS3, and I'm glad I upgraded -- but I beta tested it when it first came out, and then bought right away so I've gotten a lot of mileage out of it. I've no idea when CS4 might be coming our way. CS3 has some home runs, like the Black and White adjustment layer, quick selection tool, and a better photomerge -- plus a lot of other enhancements. Whether it's worth the upgrade probably depends on what you use.

San Diego sounds like Hell on Wheels.