Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to Basics

Location: Livingston, TX

I made it back to my home base in Livingston. This is a down-time period -- I'm getting my medical and dental checkups, vehicle inspections, and taking care of whatever bills and paperwork are left over from my accident. I still had paperwork from Blue Cross and the Littleton Fire Department (for the ambulance ride) to complete. I'm expecting a few more bills to come in, although I've taken care of the big ones -- the hospital charges alone were over $22,0000, but I only had to pay them a little over $500 -- glad I have insurance!

Regarding the ankle, I'm almost back to normal. I don't use a cane or ankle brace anymore, but I do limp a bit, especially when I'm tired. I did go to line dancing for the first time yesterday, and made it through most of the dances. I sat down a couple times to rest when I was getting tired, or when certain steps bothered me. I still tire easily, but my stamina is increasing day by day.

The temperature here has been in the 80s during the day, and cooling off nicely at night. A cold spell came through yesterday, and the temps dipped into the 30s last night. While I won't get much sympathy from a lot of you "up north," the temps should be back up in the next few days, in time for Halloween. I remember many chilly Halloweens when I was a child in Michigan -- our Mothers always made us wear coats over our costumes, which was just a mood-killer! But here the little ghosts and goblins should be just fine.


Richard said...

Good to hear that you are on the road to good health. Are you going to put down your winter roots in Livingston and wait for spring? or will that wonderlust virus of yours force you to soon hit the road again? Either choice keep up the Blog.

Mary Persall and Jerry Persall said...

Welcome home! We're glad you are continuing the mend. It's hard for us to imagine you up and about and, of all things, line dancing!

Chrissy Khayat said...

Hi ZoAnn,

I just revisited your blog again and got caught up on your travels - good to read that you're back "home" and getting stronger all the time. Joe and I are thinking about Florida and getting anxious to get down there - we'll leave about January 1st. Are you heading down for the Star Party again? Be sure to get in touch if you do! Chrissy