Friday, October 24, 2008

Fort Worth Stockyards

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Click for Larger Image of Cow StatueThe old stockyards in Fort Worth have seen a renaissance - the train roundhouse, the pens, the longhorns, and even the cowboys and girls on horseback are all still there. But today the roundhouse area is a touristy blend of BBQ restaurants, boutiques, western stores, and neo-quaint decor reminiscent of a sideshow. The pens stand empty, the longhorns "perform" in a twice-daily cattle drive through the streets, and the cowboys and girls are city employees.

Click for Larger Image of Longhorns Beginning the Cattle DriveIt's a fun place to spend an afternoon, and the real history of the area is still there if you look for it. For example, when the cowboys and cowgirls round up the longhorns for their trek through the streets, they have to pass directly under a sign for "Armour," the meat packers (enlarge this photo, then look under the "Stockyards Station" banner). Guess it's a good thing those longhorn can't read!

Click for Larger Image of Pens Click for Larger Image of Fortune Teller Machine 
Click for Larger Image of the Longhorn Pen Click for Larger Image of Longhorn Nose Picker

Did I mention you should be careful where you park?

Click for Larger Image of Be Careful Where You Park

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Richard said...

I really hope that you got some Longhorn horns to mount on the front of your truck. With your cowgirl hat and gun rack in the back of the cab -- along with your "Don't mess with Texes" bumper sticker, I think you might have found your center in the universe.