Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gypsy Journal Rally

Location: Casa Grande, AZ

We are attending the Western Gypsy Gathering, an RV rally sponsored by the Gypsy Journal. There are all sorts of rigs here -- motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheels are parked up and down the dirt field of the Pinal County Fairgrounds. But the one that stands out above the others - despite its diminutive size -- is this Burro being pulled by a very cool Morris Minor. The owner is a vendor who sells a portable CD/MP3 system called an MT-1 Music Tote. Does he keep all his stock in the Burro/Morris Minor? Yes. Does he sleep and eat there? Yes. Is he cramped beyond belief? I didn't ask, but he isn't creased down the middle, and he seems happy!

Night before last, a passing cold front brought us winds that got up to 40 mile per hour and an incredible amount of rain for the desert -- the record rainfall here for February is .5 inches, and between this rainfall and one that happened the day before we arrived the month's total is already 1.5 inches. Here are some images of the roads in the fairgrounds -- our rig is luckily parked in a high and dry spot:

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