Friday, February 13, 2009

Two For The Road

Most RVers drive a vehicle that has always been an RV and change it very little from the way it looked on the day it rolled off the lot. Personal touches may be added, such as a new bedspread, rug, or lamp, but not much customization is done or even possible -- even rearranging the furniture is limited to perhaps facing a chair in a different direction as everything else is bolted to the floor.

So when an RV is lovingly created from something else, it becomes a thing of interest and amazement, and reflects a lot of work on the part of the owner. Most custom RVs are bus conversions, but occasionally a truck or other large vehicle is used.

There were two at the Western Gypsy Rally that their owners had graciously opened for tours:


Rig 1 is a truck conversion -- here are the before and after photos:


The rig now has a full bedroom, half bath, galley, paneled ceiling, beaded curtain, wood burning stove, and massaging murphy bed! Here are some more images:



Rig 2 began life as a rock group tour bus. It was not owned by any particular rock group, but was leased to many including Aerosmith and Willie Nelson. Built in a ship yard, it originally slept 12 (in 4 sets of triple bunks), had a rear lounge, and included a 32-speakers audio system!

Here are some images of Rig 2:


Creating your own RV takes imagination, creativity and resourcefulness. For example, these owners have found the perfect "anti-vibration device" and install it before each trip:

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