Sunday, February 22, 2009

On To Baja

Location: San Diego, CA

On Monday, we will be leaving for a 24-day trip through the Baja Peninsula. It begins with the border crossing in Tijuana, and continues south to Cabo San Lucas. There are 9 rigs going, and Friday we all crossed the border together to obtain our tourist visas. Yesterday we did laundry, got groceries, and tried to find an easy way to remember how many pesos are in a dollar.

I expect that my internet access will be rather poor during the next few weeks, so I set up blog entries to be published every few days while I am gone. These entries are odds and ends from the last few months that didn't get posted but were not forgotten. I can't have y'all (see, I really am a Texan now) wandering off from boredom while I'm gone! And I will also post from Baja when and if I can.

Here in San Diego it is warm and plants are blooming everywhere you look. I wanted to share just a few of the flowers that grace our campground -- the first is a group of seed pods in various stages of opening, then a Bird of Paradise, and finally a succulent in bloom and a detailed image of the succulent's flowers.

Hasta la vista!


Tom Warfield said...

Tioga George found quite a few internet cafes in Baha.

Mr Ulster said...

I am jealous! Please provide running commentary. Baja California is on my ultimate destination list.

Anonymous said...

Te tengas un muy bien viaje y que gozas las margaritas :-) GB