Monday, August 09, 2010

Another Desert Visitor

As we (myself, John, and fellow volunteers Art and Bob) sat around the "happy hour" table today, we had a visitor -- this Sonoran Coralsnake slithered right under our legs!

It quickly hid under a rock, curling into a ball. When the rock was moved, it zoomed off. We all tried to remember how the little saying goes -- is it black next to red that makes Jack dead? Or yellow next to something makes him a happy fellow? And just what color was this? Looked more white to us!

But the final verdict is that it was a venomous Sonoran Coralsnake. Certainly to be avoided, but no one has ever died from its bite.

And the right way the snake memory aids goes is, "Red touch yellow (or in this case, white), kills a fellow. Red touch black, friend of Jack."

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