Sunday, August 01, 2010

We Are Visited By A Tarantula!

We were casually sitting around with our neighbors, enjoying Happy Hour, when we got a surprise visitor!

And, from the looks of things, he brought his own bug to the party! But, alas, another guest at the party was not to be -- he didn't want to share his bug with us, and we didn't want to share our drinks with him. So he took off down the road -- quite literally as he apparently left by our driveway and made a right on the road (that's John in the yellow shirt by the rig):

I guess he didn't like that I followed him with the camera -- this is a defensive posture, abdomen up in the air and fangs spread, that says, "I'm willing to fight you!" I, however, took the coward's way out and returned to the rig. He continued on to wherever huge spiders with a 'tude hang out for the night:

1 comment:

Sharon Del Rosario said...

What an interesting visitor! You're brave to have gotten close enough to be considered threatening. I'm hoping your Zoom lens was employed and you didn't get really close.