Monday, August 30, 2010

A Tour with Gary Tenen

I had a real treat yesterday! With only two weeks left in our stay at Kartchner Caverns, I got to go on a tour led by Gary Tenen, one of the cave's discoverers!

Gary, along with "Doctor Bob," Kartchner's resident scientist, led a group that had won the tour in a charity auction. I, along with a couple other excited volunteers, tagged along. We learned a lot about geology, speleology, cave exploration, and a whole lot of other "ologies" mixed in with just plain fun stuff.

While it was a bit groupy-ish and embarrassing, I did ask Gary if he would pose for a photo with me. He kindly said, "yes," so here it is:

John, unfortunately, didn't get to go on the tour -- he was driving the tram. Someone had to do it!

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

What a wonderful treat for you. Gary doesn't look like he minded your groupy-ish request. And I appreciate knowing what a famous caver looks like.