Sunday, May 08, 2011

Lunch with Wine, then Wine, and More Wine

Today's fun -- an excellent dinner, followed by wineries!

Four couples from Jojoba -- John and I, Carole and Dick, Pat and Dennis, and Ann and Peter (who were visiting) met at the County Line BBQ Cafe for their Mother's Day Dinner. The restaurant looks like a dump or a yard sale gone bad, but looks ARE deceiving in this case!

Most of us started with a glass of house cabernet -- it was yummy! Then the dinner special -- mahi mahi, grilled shrimp, and filet mignon all on one plate. Everything was cooked and sauced to perfection and was so good! These days, when we eat out I almost always have left-overs to take home, but not today. My complements to the chef, who did it all on his outdoor grill:

From left to right: Dennis, Peter, Ann, Pat, Zoe, Carole, Dick and John

Then on to the first stop at Hawk Watch, a winery perched on the hills overlooking Temecula Valley. Outside the tasting room, white wooden chairs face the hills and are perfect for sipping a glass or two of delicious wine while gazing at the valley -- and maybe seeing some of those namesake hawks flying "lazy circles in the sky."

Our final stop of the day was at Shadow Mountain winery, where the tasting room opened on an eclectically-decorated garden and seating area. Old vines, put in the ground in the 1940s, provide excellent grapes for this winery. We did the regular tasting plus the paired special of strawberry soup and champagne, and then headed home. By then, it didn't seem strange that a claw tooth bathtub was part of the ambiance!

Thanks, everyone -- it was a fun afternoon!

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Nancy said...

What a fun and wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!