Tuesday, May 31, 2011

North to Brigham City

It snowed on Memorial Day in Mt. Pleasant, Utah where we were staying. Cold, sleety snow that sometimes seemed more like little tiny white lumps of hail, bouncing on the picnic table that should have held hot dogs, buns, mustard and catsup. That should say it all when it comes to how we spent the weekend that was the harbinger of summer for the rest of the country.

Instead of cook-outs and wine-guzzling in a hot tub, John and I spent it playing on the computer, listening to the pitter-patter of freezing rain on the roof, and gazing at the neighbors walking their dogs in winter jackets, fleece hats, and mittens. And the people were bundled up, too!

We were mostly searching for tidbits of information about dead relatives on sites that are notorious for having inaccurate information (i.e., we did genealogy at free, online sites). We explored John's relatives -- he is related to a grandmother of Martha Washington, a man that was Knighted by the King of France, and a previous Speaker of the House. On my side, I found a guy who was presented with a ceremonial cane for helping expel the rest of his (and my) family from Scotland. Genealogy can be so cruel.

Today was beautiful, and we got back on the road. The wet weather over the weekend had an unexpected bonus -- bright, gleaming, tighty-whitey-ish snow on the mountains. We passed through some beautiful mountains and valleys:

But the additional snow has an ominous side, too. When it melts, it will add its load to the streams and rivers that are already approaching flood stage.
On the news tonight, they explained that the amount of expected snow melt would fill the reservoirs 1 and a half times. And they are not now empty. Temperatures in the 80s and 90s are forecast in the next few days -- extreme flooding is likely.
"Oh, no! I hate when that happens!"

We are now in Brigham City for the night, and will move further north tomorrow. We hope to be in Canada by the 6th.


The Good Luck Duck said...


The folks here could use some of that rain. No one ever said precipitation is fair.

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Hate to hear about those flood possibilities. Great photos! Glad you've found some interesting relatives.